Sluggish to post

Clearly I am still working on shedding the slug thing. After being all buoyed up from setting up this site, carefully selecting my slug banner, and crafting my first post…nothing. I wish I could say that I was busy doing other non-slug things, but alas, not the case.

This morning I hit the farmers market for some butternut squash, chicken necks for stock, and Brussels sprouts. Sidebar – yes, they are Brussels sprouts. They are indeed named after the city and need the seeming double plural. I’ll talk more about them when I cook them later this week. Definitely non-slug eating.

I was then torn about what to do. I really wanted to read. I’m at the point of The Happiness of Pursuit where Davis Phinney tells me about his first Tour de France. Another sidebar – yes, when I read I do like to think that the author is telling me his story directly and personally. But, sitting on my own couch for the morning seemed decidedly sluggish. I hadn’t eaten breakfast (sadly, Smith Meadows Farms didn’t have their food truck at the market this morning) so I thought I should go out into the world and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at a cafe and enjoy my book. There are several nice cafes within steps of my apartment. But, it is gorgeous outside. A sunny, 45 degree crisp fall day. Yes, I know meteorological winter started on December 1st, but a day like today feels like fall. How non-slug would it be to walk to the new-ish cafe a few metro stops away?!?

It was a glorious walk. And ridiculously shorter than I imagined. Only about 1.5 miles. I must have been in serious slug mode to have never realized just how close it is. There is a supermarket a few blocks further that I have only ever driven to – and only ever considered driving to. To be fair, I do 80% of my food shopping by foot either at the farmers market or at the Whole Foods that is just under half a mile from my place.

One delicious chai and letdown of a brioche/egg thingy later, I had ridden to the stage win with Phinney and was ready to head back out into the world.

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About formerslug

I was a slug. Then I decided not to be a slug. I'll be talking about the transformation as I rediscover myself.
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  1. Thank your for share. I hope you will share again.

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