We’re having some crazy cold weather here in our nation’s capital. Apparently it is the coldest it has been in four years. I am not wired for cold. Since I can’t hibernate, time for more soup.


Here we have a lovely concoction that includes almost homemade kale-artichoke ravioli (I bought fresh noodles and made the filling) in a spicy broth with carrots, butternut squash, and spinach. I feel a cold coming on so I wanted the ginger-garlic kick and the extra veggie vitamins to give me a boost. I have two congressional briefings next week and I’d rather not snuffle through them.

(Did you notice I’m up to 5 consecutive core days? Even better – no days off included in that count!)

Bon appetite!

About formerslug

I was a slug. Then I decided not to be a slug. I'll be talking about the transformation as I rediscover myself.
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3 Responses to Mmm…mmm…good!

  1. This soup sound real good and good for you. My wife loves to make soup so we eat it a lot this time of year also. Eat lite, ride hard, enjoy the day.

    • formerslug says:

      I’ve really been on a soup kick this winter. I bought a Vita Mix blender before getting my wisdom teeth out (pre-emptive retail therapy) and it just makes the silkiest smooth soups without cream. Makes it easier to eat lighter.

  2. fizzhogg says:

    More food photos! More food posts! More any posts!

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